Mission to the Final 4: Tame the Bulldogs, Red Warriors’ gunning for 3rd straight win

UAAP Season 73 | Game Preview: UE Red Warriors vs NU Bulldogs | Round 2

An excellent and brilliant performances from the boys in Red especially to: 1st, Ezer Rosopa, who finally proved that he’s not just a Mark Caguiao and Paul Lee look-a-like. But, he can also play and be an effecient center for the Red Warriors with the absent of Sam Razon due to injury; 2nd, James Martinez, who made those dragger 3 point shots; 3rd, Paul Lee, who proved that his ability to play as a point guard; and lastly, for the rest of the Red Warriors who played the game as if there’s no more tomorrow.

Coach Lawrence Chongson must be rubbing his long hair as a good luck charm when they faced and finally defeated the ADMU Blue Eagles and once again proved his critics that the Red Warriors are in full flow and finally look like a trUE contender. While the Red and White community are surely in high hopes, after that thumping victory, because of a slim chance to clinch the final slot in the Final 4.

Red Warriors vs Bulldogs:

Remember 2002 when both squads went against each other to determine who will get also the final slot in the Final 4 that season? Well unfortunately the NU Bulldogs won that game, but since then, the UE Red Warriors have gone 16 UAAP games unbeaten, a total of 8 years of dominance from them.

However, as many of you are aware of what had happened in our unfaithful 1st round campaign this season, that record has finally ended when the NU Bulldogs beat us in a more convincing fashion. Obviously, the ball completely turns around after the 1st round, the Red Warriors are building up momentum after 2 upset wins against AdU and ADMU, respectively; while the NU Bulldogs are facing an up-and-down games since then.

But until we haven’t tame the Bulldogs in the 2nd round, consider them no push over and very dangerous. The Bulldogs are a potent threat as they have a reliable players to counter attack the Red Warriors. Again the vital point of game is the middle spot with Emmanuel Mbe’s height and size and Jewel Ponferrada’s agility and speed. Even with a remarkable game of Ezer Rosopa against the Blue Eagles, this will be his real test to prove his capability of manning the center. Mbe is no threat when 6-7 beyond the basket so make sure that he’ll stay in that distance. While a pesky defense is enough for Ponferrada, the comebacking Adrian Santos can match his speed and even Ken Acibar.

When the bigmen of NU are out, make sure to prevent their fast pace system with Tecson and Khobuntin commanding the Bulldogs. We have an overwhelming advantage with Paul Lee, Paul Zamar, and Raffy Reyes when the game went to run-and-gun, so we have to expect another big bang game for the Red Warriors this coming sunday, to consolidate their bid for that final slot in the Final 4.

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