PCCL Sweet 16 of 2010: Notes on the Strategic Position of the UE Red Warriors against the SBC Red Lions, 14 November 2010

University of the East’s next campaign after dismantling the NAASCU X champions University of Manila Hawks in the PCCL Luzon-MM zonal leg to finally clinch a spot in the Sweet 16, the Red Warriors will now face one of their off-season rival, the undefeated NCAA champions San Beda Red Lions.

We can categorized this match as one of the hardest campaign the UE Red Warriors will face this year after their defeat over the NU Bulldogs that ended their UAAP 73 Final 4 run. According to Coach Lawrence Chongson, PCCL is a great venue to redeem their flimsy UAAP campaign
and will not take the match easily, as what happened to their 2009 PCCL campaign when the FEU Tamaraws defeated them in the Elite Eight elimination.

A very exciting match indeed, and here are my observations what I think about this clash:

First Observation. Definitely the San Beda Red Lions has the sufficient arsenal to wage an offensive war with the UE Red Warriors. The SBC’s 2nd squad and even their 3rd squad can be deadly. On the other hand, UE’s concentration of arsenal in their guard line-up would test their capability while their small forward line-up would be questionable.

Second Observation. It is therefore essential that the Red Warriors has to wage the war in a relative quicker pace and plan a strategic advantage over San Beda’s unavailability of their team captian Borgie Hermida.

Third Observation. The substantial of frontier should be determined. Obviously the battle inside the paint will be bloody in the side of the Red Warriors. (1) No one in the UE frontline can match SBC’s Sudan Daniel; (2) Aside Daniel, majority of the Red Lions frontline can be a low-post threat; (3) SBC also has a couple of slashers that can dictate how the Red Warriors’ defense would gonna be; and (4) SBC’s bigman perimeter shooters can be also a hindrance for the Red Warriors.

Fourth Observation. Again, the SBC’s frontier will determine the flow of this war, that’s why UE must therefore adopt a defensive system the will be benificial for the Red Warriors’ undersized frontline. The Red Warriors should remember that this war will be a profession of positions; if they hold their composure throughout the regulation, the Red Warriors can make this match a close one and can be decided on the matter of hearts and guts.

Fifth Observation. The Red Warriors are again in the wrong side of the hemisphere (we cannot blame the organizers of the league for they have to satisfy their Master’s blue happiness – basketball politics really sucks!). But if ever the Red Warriors has the god of war on their side to overcome the Red Lion Ramphant. Marching into the Elite Eight is a great morale booster to eliminate Letran or La Salle and hopefully could set a final “Battle of the East” match against FEU before the 2010 ends.

Forecast: The Red Lions will be the obvious choice, but I am crossing all my fingers and even my toes for an upset to bestow.


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