FMC Open Division 2010-2011: Plan of Campaign for the Generals of Emilio Aguinaldo College

The Red Warriors had a short and ugly stint in the PCCL Sweet 16 after the team was completely devours by 2nd-seeded NCAA Champions SBC Red Lions. Many Red followers has said that the team that went against SBC was similar with the UE of the previous UAAP Season 73 1st round elimination. Anyway, that game was really a mismatch in the 1st place especially the way Paul Lee and Ken Acibar together with an ill-scouted and lame coaching staff have shown.

Now, another post season tournament has started, the Father Martin Cup Open Division, unlike its Division 1 which occurs during the preseason were majority of the participants sent their initial draft of their official roster for their respective mother leagues; and the Division 2 tournament which mostly concentrates on developmental teams or Team B lineup. In the Open Division a particular team can sent both their A and B teams, or mix their A and B team lineup.

In this FMC Open Division, the University of the East Red Warriors has sent one team and no distinction whether it’s our A or B team, so this an early sign of building up team chemistry and teamwork with potential players in our developmental squad.

The intial addition: (1) the Sudanese Ahmed Isam is eligible next year, so might see him in action together with Lee and Acibar; (2) Roi Sumang, the former Letran Squires was expected to be in the 2010 lineup but wasn’t included due to injury. He is a welcome replacement for James Martinez; (3) Carlos Ortiz, a project player, after spending time in the team B, his height is very much needed next year; and (4) the Cameroonian Henri Betayene, his eligible to play in 2012, but we might see him play in FMC Open Division to bind with the rest of the players.

Other players we might see in the FMC are: (1) Don Trallano, wingman and a Val Acuña type of a player; (2) another guard named Belleza, a former SBC Red Cubs; (3) William Turner, the Fil-American pesky defender; and (4) Jairoid Flores.

On the other hand, our opponent Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals, who just like us has also sent 1 team. The EAC Generals had a miserable NCAA campaign this year, but the Red Warriors should never under estimate them. The Generals may parade their prized *foreign recruits that are eligible to play for next year, the Serbian 6’10 center Mark Prljevic and Malaysian guard Wei Lim.

* We don’t know if these players are still in their team. EAC Generals has a good reputation of recruiting good foreign players, but had a hard time keeping them from teams’ attention. As I read in some online forums, there is a Serbian giant who is redshirting in Mendiola. 🙂

In December 4, 2:30 P.M. at the Arellano Gym, the UE Red Warriors will face the EAC Generals.

Tira UE! Fight for Victory!


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2010-2011 Father Martin's Cup Open Division

December 4, 2010
Arellano Gym
2:30 P.M.

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